Facebook has a list of 53 million Facebook users’ phone numbers and other personal information

In January of this year, the personal information of Facebook users was allegedly sold, including their phone numbers and many other personal information. Telegram bots were used to sell this data. The hacked database contained information on 533 million users or 53 million users. It also included statistics on more than 6 lakh Indian consumers. Now the co-founder of a cybercrime intelligence firm claims that the information in the database has been made public in a low-level hacking forum. This time, this information is not being sold, but is being made available openly.

Alan Gall, co-founder and CTO of cybersecurity intelligence company Hudson Rock, tweeted on Saturday that a user had published the personal information of 533 million or 53 million Facebook users in a low-level hacking forum. The database contains data from a total of 106 countries, including India. It has a population of about 6 million users in India. The hack was reported in January this year. It was being sold by Telegram Boat at the time. However, it is now reported that users’ data is open to the public. This database includes information such as users’ phone numbers, Facebook IDs, names, location information, dates of birth, email addresses and even their bio.

Given to a Business Insider Statement Facebook says (translated) ‘This database is outdated and it was discontinued in 2019. [सिस्टम में आई] The problem was fixed. However, we should not forget that most users do not change their phone numbers, emails or a lot of personal information over the years. If this data falls into the hands of cyber criminals, the information of millions of users could be compromised.

In January The leak was previously reported by Alan Gall. Gall also shared some pictures via tweet, which can be seen in the statistics of the users included in this database. In addition, information about how many users from which countries are included in this database is also shared.

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