Get a discount of Rs 400 on Tata Sky Badges +, Tata Sky + HD, Tata Sky HD, Set-top Box, Learn New Prices

Tata Sky HD set-top boxes are available for purchase at huge discounts nowadays. Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators are offering discounts of up to Rs 400 on these HD set-top box models, which include Tata Sky Seed + as well as Tata Sky + HD set-top boxes. . Apart from this, customers can also buy the standard Tata Sky HD set-top box at a discounted price, with customers getting a discount of up to Rs 150. After that the price of Tata Sky HD set-top box will also be less than Tata Tata Sky’s SD set-top box.

Discount in Tata Sky set-top box

The Tata Sky Binj + set-top box comes with features like Chromecast support and Google Assistant Access, for which you get a discount of Rs 200. After the price cut, the set-top box will be available for purchase at Rs 2,299, up from Rs 2,499 earlier. However, if you want features like HD recording and recording your favorite TV shows from your mobile device, you can buy the Tata Sky + HD set-top box with a discount of Rs 400. After deduction, the price will be reduced from Rs 4,999 to Rs 4,599.

Customers who want to buy a regular HD set-top box can buy a Tata Sky HD set-top box with a discount of Rs 150. After the Rs 150 discount, the price of the HD set-top box will be reduced from Rs 1,499 to Rs 1,249.

The Tata Sky SD set-top box is priced at Rs 1,499. This means that the HD set-top box has become cheaper than the SD set-top box model after the new discount offer.

Telecom Talk Report Accordingly, this discount is available for online purchase for which you will get a set-top box from Tata Sky. Website To get a discount on the Tata Sky Binz Plus set-top box, you have to use the code “TSKY200”. At the same time, to get a discount on the Tata Sky Plus HD set-top box, one has to use the code “TSKY400”. For Tata Sky HD Set Top Box, you can get discount using code “TSKY150”.

The Tata Sky website is also offering 10 per cent cashback through MobiQuick, while you can get a flat cashback of Rs 50 through HDFC Pay Zip.

Tata Sky has not yet announced when the discount offer will be received by customers. But the DTH operator has not previously offered the same discount for a limited time.


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