70,000 users of OnePlus 9 Pro are having trouble heating the phone

OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone users are constantly complaining about a kind of ‘overheating’. Yes, the latest report reveals that many users have complained through the OnePlus support forum and social media that their OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone starts to heat up after using the camera app, followed by overheating in the phone. Is also displayed. To be. OnePlus has responded by saying that it will fix this problem soon with new updates.

Android Police Report According to many OnePlus 9 Pro Consumers are constantly complaining of excessive heat problems. Users say they start seeing overheating warnings as soon as they use the camera app. Especially when they try to take a photo or video with their OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone, then the phone starts to heat up quickly and they are also warned by the display. Many users have complained on the OnePlus support page and many on Twitter.

However, OnePlus now promises to address this issue with a new update to address user complaints. This new update will be introduced in a few weeks.

Gadgets 360 also launched its OnePlus 9 Pro. Review I mentioned the problem of overheating. We mentioned in our review that after 15-20 minutes of use, you will feel the heat on the metal frame of the phone and the back of the glass. Plus, you’ll be getting more heat warnings by using the camera in the sunlight outside. At the same time, unless the phone is cool, you can’t even take photos with it.

Let me tell you, the OnePlus 9 series was launched in India only last month, which includes the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones. Both phones come with Qualcomm’s flagship processor and 65W fast charging support.


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