Connect these 5 scooters to your mobile, find out the price

Scooters with Bluetooth connectivity are becoming smarter not only for mobiles but also for other electronics as well as vehicles in the country. Until recently, only four-wheeled vehicles came with infotainment systems equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and now scooters are also being modernized. Many scooters have been launched in the country, which come with Blu-ray Bluetooth tooth connectivity and digital tools. With these scooters you can connect your phone and their instrument cluster shows you calls, SMS, notifications etc.

Some of these scooter instrument clusters also give you features like periodic navigation, call / message alerts, rear parking loop. The list includes scooters from TVS, Suzuki, Bajaj and Ather. Let us know about all these scooters.

TVS Nortek 125

TVS was the first company to offer Bluetooth tooth connectivity in scooters in India. The company has launched the Notre Dame 125 with this feature. This scooter has a 124.8cc engine that produces 9hp of power and 10.5Nm of peak torque. One of its features is the presence of a Bluetooth-enabled all-digital instrument cluster, which allows users to connect to a smartphone. In it, you can see the name or number of the calling user. In addition, you get to see notifications. It also has a charging socket, through which you can charge your device. Prices in India start at Rs 70,555 (ex-showroom).

Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj has once again brought the Chetak, a very popular scooter of the 90s, back to the market and this time it has been modernized. The new Chetak is an electric scooter. Its motor produces a high power of 4,080W. The company claims that this scooter can travel 85 to 95 km on a single charge and its battery takes 5 hours to fully charge. Its top speed is 70Kmph. Its digital instrument cluster looks very sophisticated and supports Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports GPS and navigation. It also comes with a USB charging port and is equipped with parking assistance, anti-theft system and geo-fencing support. One of its features is the reverse mode, which means you don’t have to use your legs to push it back. Prices in India start at Rs 1,15,000 (ex-showroom).

Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki’s Access 125 is also a new scooter that comes with a 124cc engine and generates 8hp of power and 10 Nm of torque. It achieves a CBS (combine braking system) and the scooter supports the Suzuki Ride Connect feature. It does not have in-built GPS or navigation support. However you can take advantage of many smart features by connecting your phone to the app. The Bluetooth variant starts at Rs 78,200 (ex-showroom).

Suzuki Bergman Street

Like the Access 125, the Bergman Street also comes with a 124cc single-cylinder engine. Engine power and torque are similar to the Access 125. In it, you get some extra features, such as a port for charging the device, a glove box, etc. This scooter also comes with Suzuki Ride Connect. It does not support in-built GPS or navigation. Bergman’s Bluetooth variant is priced at Rs 86,200 (ex-showroom).

Aether 450, Aether 450 x

The Aether 450 is an electric scooter. This scooter comes with many modern features. It offers 3 riding modes, including Jim Echo, Ride and Support. These three make a difference in the range. By walking in eco mode, the user can get a range of 75 kms, while the ride and support can get a range of 65 kms and 55 kms respectively. It has Bluetooth tooth connectivity at the same time as well as a 7-inch display.

There will be another variant, called Ether 450x. You will find many additional features in this variant. The Ether 450 motor produces a high power of 5,400W. Its battery can be fully charged in 5.25 hours and it supports a top speed of 80Kmph. At the same time, the Aether 450X motor produces a high power of 6,000 W and a range of 85 km. Both scooters are equipped with reverse mode, touchscreen display, GPS and navigation, central locking system and parking assistance. The prices of these two scooters vary from state to state depending on the subsidy.


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