VI’s Rs 399 plan is better than Airtel and Geo plans, find out how

VI, Airtel and Geo are the three telecom market giants that come up with many attractive recharge plans to entice consumers. But no doubt, the market position of Geo and Airtel is still very weak. However, today we bring you VI’s prepaid recharge plans, in front of which Geo and Airtel’s single price plans will be moderate. In fact, all three telecom companies come up with a prepaid plan of Rs 399, the benefits of which are exactly the same. But despite the same price and benefits, Vue’s plan proved to be better than Geo’s and Airtel’s. How so Let’s find out.

VI’s are Rs Pack Speaking of which, the validity of this scheme is 56 days. With a validity of 56 days, you get unlimited calling benefits in the plan. In addition to calling in this plan, users are given 1.5GB of data per day, for a validity of 56 days, a total of 84GB of data is available for use in this plan. In addition, you can avail 100 free SMS daily for 56 days. Airtel And Geo Similarly, the Rs 399 pack comes with 1.5 GB of daily data, unlimited calling and 100 free daily SMS. Significantly, both the companies offer 56 days validity on the Rs 399 pack.

Now you must be wondering how the plan is better than the plans of two other big companies, despite the same profit and the same price? The reason for this is the Elonite data pack available with V. Yes, VI offers data online data packs with many of its recharge plans, in which you can access unlimited data from 12 noon to 6 pm, and this data will not be disconnected from your current plan. Not only that, with this plan you will also get the facility of data weekend rollover, under which, from Monday to Friday, you use the remaining data for the day when you have not used the full 1.5 GB of data. Can. Saturday.

For these reasons, V.I. The Rs 399 pack proved to be the best from Airtel and Geo’s Rs 399 pack.

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