Realm 8 5G tees designed and color options will be equipped with these features

Realm 8 5G has been teased once again. This time before the launch in Thailand, its supersonic blue color variant has been teased. Realme Thailand had earlier confirmed that it would launch a 5G variant of Realty 8 in the country on April 21. In addition, the phone has also appeared in the Google Play Console listing where some specifications have also been suggested. Realm 85G was expected to launch in India on April 22, a day after its launch in Thailand. But so far, no start date has been confirmed by the facts.

Realm Thailand on Facebook Realm 8 5G Image of supersonic blue color variant Shared Of. In the photo, the triple camera set up can be seen in its rear. At the same time, the branding of reality can be seen. In the last teaser video, Realme has announced the black version of the phone with an April 21 Thai launch date. Shown Was.

In another related story, Mukul Sharma posted a screenshot on Twitter. Share Done. This is a screenshot of the Google Play Console Realm 8 5G list. Accordingly, the phone will come with a variant of at least 8 GB and S. Also, it is stated that Full HD + ((1,080×2,400 pixels)) will be displayed. It will run on Android 11, it is also said. The interesting fact here is that the phone is said to have MediaTek Dimension 800 SOC (MT6883) chipset. But at the same time, Tipster also said that the Google Play Console list has already mentioned the wrong features, and the phone will come with MediaTek Dimension 700 SOC.

Recently, a phone in the Geekback list was considered RealMe 8 5G. The phone was said to have MediaTek Dimension 700 SOC and 8 GB RAM inside. The phone was expected to launch in India on April 22. At the same time, Realty has not yet said anything about the launch date of the phone. Another upcoming Realme 5G phone is considered to be Realme 8 5G. The phone was recently teased on Flipkart. The teaser did not say anything about the launch date of the phone.

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