Find out the number of vacancies in hospitals through this Delhi Government app

Corona is wreaking havoc in all states of India, including the capital Delhi. Cases of Kovid-19 have accelerated in the last few weeks. In Delhi, on Thursday, April 15, 16,699 new Covid-19 cases and 112 related deaths were reported in 24 hours, while the total number of coronaviruses in Delhi crossed 780,000. Due to these cases breaking records every day, there is a shortage of beds in hospitals. The Delhi government has said that the condition of the doctors infected with Kovid-19 is not critical and doctors are requesting to keep them in their homes. Many new rules are being enforced due to serious circumstances. In the meantime, if you too live in Delhi and want to know about the availability of Covid-19 beds in hospitals in the capital, you can do so easily.

Last year, the Delhi government launched an app called Delhi Corona, which runs Android.Google Play) And iOS (App Store) Is available for download on both platforms. This year you can also use it to check the availability of beds in hospitals. The app is designed to make it easier to discover features related to COVID-19. This app can be used to get information about the health facilities provided by both the government and private hospitals in the capital and the vacancies available in them. It provides information on the total number of beds as well as the number of ventilators used in the hospital and the number of beds available. The Delhi Corona app also supports both Hindi and English.

The good thing is that the user does not need any registration to get the information from the Delhi Corona app.

How to get information about empty bed through Delhi Corona app

When you open the app, a section of ‘Covid-19 Beds’ will appear on the home page (see above in the main image). Here you will see the total number of beds available in hospitals, authorized beds and the total number of beds available. You can also tap on this section to get information about the beds available by hospitals. As you tap, all the hospitals will open in front of you and each hospital tab will include a link to the contact and location.

Here is the Covid-19 ICU. There is also a part of the beds. In this section you will find information about the total number of ICU beds available in hospitals, authorized ICU beds and available ICU beds. Tapping on this section will open the list according to the hospitals.

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