Samsung sets global smartphone export record with 27% YoY growth

According to a report by a market research firm, in the first quarter of 2021 i.e. Q21 2021, global smartphone exports recorded a year-on-year (YoY) growth of 27 percent. Samsung ranks first in market share in the global smartphone market. Apple came in second, followed by Chinese tech giants Gionee, Oppo and Vivo. Canalis says that due to the Corona, some brands did not prefer the device’s aircraft in India. Countries like Europe, which have recovered from the Corona crisis, paid attention to them.

Of canals Report Global smartphone exports reached 347 million units in the first quarter of 2021, it says. Samsung alone exported 76.5 million units. Its market share was 22 percent, the same as last year. At the same time, Apple shipped 52.4 million iPhones. In addition, the company recorded a YoY growth rate of 1 percent and a market share of 15 percent. Apple’s success was due to its iPhone 12 model and the iPhone 11 was also in high demand.

Xiaomi recorded its best performance this quarter, shipping 49 million units. It grew to 62 percent and had a market share of 14 percent

“With the best product value Xiaomi Progress is now being made by recruiting local talent. In addition, it is becoming more channel friendly and making big new discoveries. As seen by looking at the Mi11 Ultra and the previous foldable Mi Mix fold. “Shumi’s continued expansion will give its distributors a better chance of making money than other competing brands,” said Ben Stanton, research manager at Canalis.

Fourth and fifth on the list were Oppo (11 percent market share) and Vivo (10 percent market share), respectively. Oppo shipped 37.6 million units while Vivo shipped 36 million units. All other smartphone brands gained a consolidated market share of 28 percent through shipments of 95.9 units. This includes world leader Huawei in the East. Which shipped 18.6 million units in Q 1 2021, even after being hit by U.S. sanctions.

At the same time, the first quarter of 2021 also saw LG out of the smartphone business. Canal analyst Sanam Chaurasia said the development marks a new era in the smartphone market. This proves that channel strategy and aggressive pricing are more important than hardware differences today. He said LG, which holds a majority stake in the US (80 percent of its 2020 total), closed its business and offered brands such as Motorola, TCL, Nokia and ZTE to raise their price points to 200. Opportunities provided. (Approximately Rs. 15,000).

Areas such as Europe, which have now recovered from the Corona, were partners in freight growth in Q1 2021. At the same time, in countries like India, which are struggling with Corona, companies have not given preference to aircraft.

Canals Weak parts, such as chipsets, have become a major concern and could affect smartphone shipments in the coming quarters. Lack of these will give global brands more power to sell allotments, which may cause smaller brands to look out of place due to pressure.


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