These 5 features of WhatsApp will enhance the fun of running the app

Since the purchase of Facebook, we have seen a lot of changes in WhatsApp. Instant messaging giant is constantly adding new features and working on many new features. There are also rumors that the company will be testing new features in the coming days. In addition to functional features like multi-device support, WhatsApp disappearing photos and read letters (read WhatsApp later), WhatsApp is examining many other features. Today we will talk about some similar upcoming WhatsApp features here. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the essential features that will be available for us to use in WhatsApp in the coming months.

Multi-device support

The first and most important feature for many people is multi-device support. Currently in WhatsApp, you can run an account on only one device at a time. This means that if you can’t register the number used in your primary device at the same time on another device. If you register your number in a new device, your account will be deleted from the previous device. However Multi-device support The company has been working on this new feature for a long time and if the news is to be believed, there is not much time left in multi-device support in WhatsApp.

Read later

In WhatsApp we have the option to archive the chat. You can archive your important chats and keep them in the background for a long time. Read WhatsApp later The attribute can also be a similar attribute. It is said that after the introduction of this feature, people can send a chat in a read letter, after which the chat will not be notified of new messages and you can read all the messages in your chat later.

WhatsApp disappearing photos, speed of voice notes

WhatsApp has recently rolled out the Desiring Messages feature, which activates deleted messages in any chat after 7 days. Now the company Feature of disappearing photos A report claims that WhatsApp is working on a disappearing photo feature, under which a photo sent after a specified time frame will be automatically deleted as a message. Not only that, such reports also claim that the company is working on the option to change the speed of voice messages. If this feature is introduced, users will be able to increase the speed of the received voice message.

Instagram reels on WhatsApp

Facebook tries to connect all its platforms in one way or another. A similar company could do the same with WhatsApp in the future. The company may integrate the photo reel feature of its photo sharing platform Instagram with WhatsApp. If this feature is introduced, WhatsApp users will also be able to view Instagram reels on their app. According to reports, this feature is currently being tested. However, there is no exact information about when this feature will come. WhatsApp has not yet shared any official information about this feature.

Join missed group calls

Google Doo or some other video calling apps allow their users to rejoin an ongoing group call. In the future, WhatsApp may add this feature to the app. After this update, users will be able to join ongoing video calls.


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