This is how ‘notification notifications’ are deleted on WhatsApp.

Since October last year, WhatsApp has given the option to permanently delete notifications in private conversations and group messages. But this option is not useful when you are referred by someone in a group for which you have already muted the group’s notifications. In this case, notifications will come to you. It’s not technically a weakness, but sometimes you can be bothered by it. Especially when a lot of members start replying to an old message from you.
However you can also mute such notifications as suggested by WABetaInfo.

How to delete notifications on WhatsApp

For such a message, you can mute notifications on both Android and iOS platforms. It also works for WhatsApp Web or its desktop clients. To do this, you need to make mute notifications for the member of the group who is responding to any of your old messages.

So to delete notifications for that particular person, you have to go to his / her WhatsApp profile. Then you have to tap the name. Then find the mute notifications option there. It can ask for mute for Android and mute for iOS. To delete notifications here, you can choose from a week to 8 hours, a week or forever.

This is useful when you do not want to leave a group. But at the same time, if you mention someone, you also want to delete their notifications.
WABetaInfo report This will work accordingly even though WhatsApp also implements multi-device support. It can then essentially sync rules across devices.

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