Carterpoint, Xiaomi wins India’s smartphone shipments, OnePlus hits highest YoY growth rate in Q1 2021: Carterpoint

India’s smartphone exports grew by 23 per cent year-on-year. A new report from Carterpoint Market Research Firm states that 38 million units were shipped to India in the first quarter of 2021. Xiaomi has won the case with a 26 percent market share. Samsung tops the top 5 brands with a 52 percent increase.

Carterpoint said 10 of the five models shipped to India were Xiaomi. OnePlus accounted for 33% of 5G smartphone exports in Q1 2021 and continued to do so. While RealMe has launched the cheapest 5G phone in this segment.

CarterPoint’s latest Indian smartphone has been unveiled Report Accordingly Xiaomi On top again. It gained 26 percent market share and 4 percent growth in Q1 of 2021. It has the most phones in the Redmi 9 series. The report states that the Redmi 9A was the best-selling phone this quarter. In addition, the Mi 10i performed well.

Samsung, on the other hand, topped the growth rate with 52 percent in the first quarter of this year. This time Samsung focused on the budget segment and strengthened its hold on the market by launching a new budget series like the Galaxy M02. The Galaxy M02 was launched at a price of Rs 7,499. The company’s market share in the first quarter of 2021 was 20 percent. The Galaxy A and Galaxy M series are also doing well. The same series Galaxy S21 (Rs 69,999) Samsung also benefited from the premature launch of its flagship smartphone.

In addition, there were three other brands that reached the top five. These are Vivo, Realm and Oppo smartphones. Yvoy in Vivo recorded a 16 percent increase and ranked third in 2021 Q1. At the same time, in terms of real growth, it fell 4 percent but remained in fourth place with 11 percent market share. Oppo grew by 12 percent and gained 11 percent market share in 2021.

Apple is not ranked among the top five brands. The company reported a 207 percent YoY growth in Q1 2021, accelerating the pace of Q4 2020. The brand maintained its leading position in the premium segment with 48 percent market share. The iPhone 11 (58,400) was in high demand. At the same time, there was a demand for iPhone SE (2020). For the first time in two consecutive quarters, Apple registered more than 1 million ships, according to CarterPoint.

OnePlus also recorded a growth of more than 300 percent in the year 12121. This was due to OnePlus Nord (29,999), the best-selling 5G smartphone of the quarter. At the same time, the OnePlus 8T (Rs. 38,999) received a similar response.


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