Found the best electric bicycle in India, which will cover a range of 100 km in a single charge

Recently, the Indian electric mobility company Nexzu launched a new electric bicycle roadlark. This wheel gives a long ride range in a single charge. In addition there are many good features available in this cycle. Apart from Nexju, there are other brands in India that manufacture and sell long range electric bicycles. The best thing about electric bikes is that you can pedal them whenever you want and if you are tired, you can travel long distances using just the throttle. Now, if you are also looking for a long and long range electric bicycle in a single and single charge, we have made this search easy for you. Here we are telling you about three best long range electric bicycles that you can buy in India.

The best long range electric wheel in India

Nexju Mobility Roadmark

This week, India’s e-mobility company Nexzu Mobility launched the Made in India Electric Bicycle Roadlark. According to the company, the biggest feature of this electric wheel is its long range. Nexju claims that Rodlark can run 100 kilometers in a single charge. It also comes with a cold rolled steel frame and its battery can be easily removed and replaced. Dual disc brakes are also available in the new Made in India electric bicycle for safety.

The Rodlark has a 250W 36V BLDC motor, which allows the wheel to reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h (km / h). It has an 8.7Ah capacity removable battery, which takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. In pedalic mode, the wheel gives a range of 100 kilometers and there is a throttle mode, giving a total range of 75 kilometers. The company launched Rodlark in India Priced at Rs 42,000 Launched in

Touchche Helio M100

The Helio M100 of the Indian company Touche, based in Bangalore and Mysore, is a fine electric bicycle. Although the company has a wide range of electric bicycles available, the Helio M100 is also affordable with a good range. The company has given a 0.37kWh capacity battery in this cycle, which gives a range of more than 60 km, but according to the information found on the company’s website, customers can now upgrade the battery for free. Later the range of the cycle will be 75. More than a kilometer. Due to the rules, its top speed is kept at 25Kmph. It gets a 250W rear BLDC motor. The company made this electric bicycle Price Rs Is kept. GST is included in this price.

Goziro Scaling Pro Electric Bicycle

Goziro is a UK-based company that also sells its electric two-wheelers in India. The company has a number of electric bicycles, but the largest of them is the Scalig Pro, which offers a range of launches. A 0.4kWh capacity Panasonic battery is available in this cycle. The company claims that this battery pack can be fully charged in 3 hours. You can cover a distance of 70 km with this cycle. It has a motor of 250W power. It achieves 7-speed micro shift gear. The frame of this wheel is made of alloy steel. For safety, it also gets dual disc brakes. According to the company’s website, the Go Zero Scaling Pro Electric Bicycle Price Rs Is.


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