Here’s how to turn on ISD on your Airtel number for making phone calls abroad

Do you want to activate ISD on your Airtel number? In common parlance, ISD is called international customer dialing. This allows you to talk to someone abroad. Telecom operators charge a special fee for ISD calls. This fee is higher than regular and local STD calls. Airtel and other telecom operators have some prepaid and postpaid recharge plans that give you some discounts or free minutes for ISD calls.

How to activate ISD on your Airtel number

The ISD service is already active on all prepaid and postpaid connections on the Airtel network. This means that in order to talk to someone abroad, you have to go through a few steps to activate ISD on your Airtel number. For this, an FAQ page has been created by all the operators stating that users cannot disable the ISD service on their own.

This means that the service is already active on your number, you have to put a prefix in front of that number with the code of that country The process is the same for both prepaid and postpaid connections. If you want to make a call in a country where a call fee is more than Rs. 15, you need to activate the Advanced ISD service. You can use the Customer Care Helpline number 121 or visit the nearest Airtel store.

Airtel prepaid and Postpaid ISD is different for call tariff. At the same time, its rate varies according to the area code.
You can check the ISD call charge rate in prepaid and postpaid by visiting its website.

Rs 18 on Airtel network for prepaid customers ISD Recharge Pack Available which reduces ISD call tariff for 28 days. In addition, a postpaid plan is priced at Rs 1,599 with 200 ISD minutes and 200 GB of high speed data. The codes of different countries are also given in the special postpaid plan on Airtel site.
A Rs 50 “Umbrella” add-on pack is also available for postpaid customers which is 33 floors But often ISD offers discounts on calls. The plan is valid for the entire billing cycle and for selected areas in the United States, the United Kingdom, the UAE, Afghanistan, Thailand, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Nepal, Singapore and Sri Lanka, as well as a select region. The code also works in Australia and New Zealand. However this will not work when you call in a country like Canada or Switzerland.
Umbrella packs can be easily activated through the Airtel Thanks app. It is added to the consumer’s monthly bill.

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