Samsung Galaxy S21 FI phone mistakenly listed on Samsung Mexico website before launch

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone has been in the headlines for some time, sometimes its features and features are leaked online, sometimes its renders come to light. However, according to the latest report, the smartphone was mistakenly listed on Samsung’s website in Mexico, which was later removed from the website. From this listing, it can be speculated that this smartphone may be launched in Mexico soon. In addition, from the last few leaks, it can be guessed that this smartphone is fully ready for use, which may be launched in a few days.

Gizmochina GalaxyClub done Report It is reported that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FI phone was listed on the Samsung Mexico website for some time. However, as soon as he realized his mistake, the list was removed. The report states that the banner of the Galaxy S21 FII phone was located on a website with no photos and no specifications. The website takes you to the Galaxy S21 Series comparison page as soon as you click on that link to get the phone information.

Although the listing does not confirm any official information related to the phone, it can be assumed that the phone is fully ready to launch. The Galaxy S21F can be launched anytime in the coming days.

Importantly, the last days of the Galaxy Club Report The battery of the Galaxy S21 FI comes with the model number EB-BG 990 ABY and is rated at 4,370 mAh. This indicates that the peak battery capacity of the phone will be 4,500 mAh, which is similar to the Galaxy S20 FE. It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone can be given a bigger battery than the Galaxy S21.

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