Using the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot makes it easy to find the Covid-19 vaccination center

India’s vaccination campaign has now reached its third phase. At this stage, all citizens 18 years of age or older will be vaccinated with Covid-19. For this, the Central Government Portal has been launched by the Government of India. Citizens can register themselves on this portal and check out appointment slots. The Covin Portal displays a list of nearby immunization centers. But a new feature powered by WhatsApp has been added to the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot, so people can easily find the nearest vaccination center. This chatbot was launched last year.

The MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot shows the nearest immunization center on WhatsApp. The chatbot was launched last year to crack down on fake news and spread awareness about Code-19. Within 10 days of its launch, it had added 17 million users. Now, as part of the third phase of the vaccination campaign, information has emerged from the Government of India’s Twitter account My Govindia that the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot will now help people find the nearest immunization center.

How to find the nearest immunization center using WhatsApp

MyGov Corona Helpdesk Chatbot is only available on WhatsApp and you must have WhatsApp in your phone to take advantage of this feature. Follow the steps below to find the nearest immunization center.

Save the number 9013151515 in your mobile phone or to open My Geo V Corona Helpdesk chatbot. This link Go

To start a conversation, type hi or namaste (‘hello’).
You will get the answer through automated process and after answering some questions you will be asked for the pin code of your area. You enter your PIN code there.

The chatbot will then send you a list of vaccination centers according to the specified area and pincode.
In addition to WhatsApp, you can use the MapMindia platform or Covin You can also find your nearest immunization center on the platform. On the main page of the Covin website, there is an ‘Find the nearest immunization center’ option where you can find the registered immunization centers in that area by entering the pin code of your area.

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