To charge an electric vehicle, you have to pay different rates in the morning, day and evening.

For charging electric vehicles, the government has introduced a new tariff model of charging stations. The new model is not uniform, but is distributed over time. If you are also planning to buy a new electric two-wheeler or a new electric car, this is the news for you. The Ministry of Power has released a new draft for the tariff model of charging stations. In the new model, you will have to pay different prices for charging in the morning, afternoon and evening. Accordingly, the highest price will be in the evening.

On Monday, the Ministry of Home Affairs released some new provisions related to the new tariff model for charging stations through a press draft for all the states and the SERC (State Electricity Regulatory Commission). According to the new draft, the tariff collected at the charging station will not be uniform throughout the day, but will be distributed according to the time.

Of money control Report It is stated that the charging tariff will depend entirely on supply and demand. Peak power rates will be maintained at peak times and peak hovers are considered mostly in the evening. Tariffs may be reduced in the morning or during the day. If so, you may find it cheaper to charge your car during this time.

The report says rates will be different for public and private charging stations. The regulator will decide the rates according to demand and supply. In addition, collectors will be able to purchase renewable energy permits from the open market. However, it will no longer apply. The report said the ministry has now sought the views of all stakeholders on the proposal.

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