In this Geo plan you will get 5GB of data daily for 196 days, know the price

Geo offers users unlimited calling and data benefits under its prepaid and postpaid plans. But other than that, the company has another service under which you get a lot of data benefits in the long run. This is the Geo Link service, which is a 4G modem. If you have a model of Geo Link, we are going to introduce you to a great plan of Geo for you today. After taking this plan of Geo Link model, you will not have to take another data plan for half a year, in addition, you will also be provided with a lot of data to use on a daily basis. Let’s find out what this plan is and what the benefits are.

JioLink recharge plan Cost 4,199. Although the plan has a high cost, its benefits make the plan worth the money. In fact, once this plan is activated, you will not have 1.5 GB available daily … not 2 GB … but 5 GB of high speed data is available for simultaneous use. After the daily data quota expires, Internet speeds drop to @ 64 kbps. Like other prepaid recharge plans, your data limit is not limited to 2GB. But the data benefits are not limited to this … but with the daily usage of 5 GB of data in the Zeulink recharge you will also get a total of 96 GB of data for additional usage.

That means in total you are getting the benefit of 1076 GB of data in this recharge. However, under this plan you will not get benefits like unlimited calling and SMS. This plan is especially useful for customers who need a lot of data on a daily basis. For those who are currently working from home during a lockdown, this plan can be a useful bargain.

If you talk about the validity of this plan, customers get an additional 28 days validity with 168 days validity. That is, the plan comes with a total validity of 196 days.

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