In the last one year, the speed of mobile internet in India has increased by 47%

According to Okla’s Speedtest Global Index, the speed of mobile and stable broadband internet in India is showing a high trend in June. The speed of breast download in the country increased by 16.3 per cent to 17.84 Mbps from 15.34 Mbps in May. With mobile internet, the fixed breast broadband internet speed in the country has increased by 4.53 per cent from 55.35 Mbps to 58.17 Mbps. The speed of both mobile and stable broadband internet was the highest in the country on the Global Index.

Speedtest is available on the Global Index Data for June Indicates that India has moved up six places to 122nd position in mobile download speeds and 70th position in three-digit fixed broadband download speeds. Okla said that for the third time in a row, the country has topped the global rankings in terms of mobile internet speeds and the speed of mobile download has improved rapidly in the last two months.

Mobile internet speeds in June

Released by Okla Fast data According to the data, the mobile download speed in the country is 17.84 Mbps for an annual increase of 46.71 percent from 12.16 Mbps in June 2020. The speed of mobile uploads in the country also increased by 18.85% to 5.17 Mbps in June 2021 from 4.35 Mbps in the same month last year. It rose 2.38 percent from 5.05 Mbps in May.
In addition to the speed of loading and unloading mobile downloads, the la latency rate in the country on mobile networks dropped to 48 milliseconds in June from 50 milliseconds in May. The breast rate also dropped five milliseconds from 48 milliseconds in May to 43 milliseconds in June.

Globally, the Speedtest Global Index by Oakla shows that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) maintained its lead with 3 breasts mobile download speeds 193.51 Mbps, followed by South Korea at 180.48 Mbps. When it comes to mobile internet speeds compared to last month’s record, Oman has the highest growth of 26 places in the subcontinent. The southeastern coastal country rose to 15th in the global rankings.

Fixed broadband speeds in June

Talking about fixed broadband June Speedtest Data Indicates a download speed of 58.17 Mbps in India in June 2021, an increase of 52.32 percent over the speed of 38.19 Mbps reported in June 2020.
On the other hand, fixed breast broadband upload speeds in the country reached 54.43 Mbps in June 2021, an increase of 59.06 per cent from 34.22 Mbps in the same month last year. This is an increase of 3.97 per cent from 52.35 Mbps in May. However, according to data provided by Oakla, the latency rate on fixed broadband in the country rose from one millisecond to 17 milliseconds in June.

Monaco emerged as the top country in terms of stable broadband speeds in June with download breast download speeds of 260.74 Mbps. Following the French border, Singapore and Hong Kong are ranked second and third in the Global Fixed Broadband Index.


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