Leaving WhatsApp job, this Indian employee created Hello app to compete with Facebook!

Former WhatsApp Global Business Head Neeraj Arora has created a new app called Hello App, which works as an ad-free, personal social network. The app is described as a “real-time connection network” that will allow users to interact with their contacts in real-life. Arora co-developed the Hello app with his former WhatsApp partner Michael Donoha. Arora and Donohue were both early employees of the instant messaging app that Facebook bought in 2014. Interestingly, the Hello app has a lot of features that make it a close competitor not only to WhatsApp but also to Facebook.

Arora launches Hello app on Twitter Announcement Of. They say traditional social media platforms [Facebook] In contrast, their app comes with no ads, bots, likes and followers and only asks you to come online to your real friends.

The Hello app requires access to your phone’s address book to connect you with people on your network. However, the company’s On the blog Arora has made it clear that the platform does not collect, store or use any personal information of its users. He also stressed that chats on this app will be end-to-end encrypted.

Unlike Facebook and other similar social media platforms, the Hello app does not use algorithms. It doesn’t even show ads. However, Arora has hinted at plans to introduce a membership-based model to offer additional features in the future.

Hello Apple’s app App Store And Google Play Store Available for download by Dr. However, there is currently no web access like Facebook and WhatsApp.

The experience you get on the Hello app is similar to Facebook and WhatsApp, as it only allows users to stay connected with close friends and family whose numbers are stored in the phone’s contact book. You can post pictures in the form of individual chats or group conversations and status.

jw.org en Rora And his co-founder Michael Donohue (WhatsApp’s former engineering director) ‘s LinkedIn profile shows that the couple launched the Hello app in September 2019.


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