OnePlus has increased its TV models to Rs 7,000

OnePlus has increased the prices of its TV devices and this includes the company’s latest launch OnePlus TV U1S series. While some TV models have seen a reasonable increase in price, others have seen an increase of 17.5 per cent or up to Rs 7,000. The reason for the rise in prices is not clear. But this could be due to rising prices of open cell panels used by TV manufacturers around the world, import costs of materials needed to assemble the TV, or even a shortage of parts. This has prompted many companies to increase the price of televisions sold in India. OnePlus is one of the few companies that has increased the prices of its TVs.

OnePlus launched in India in July last year. OnePlus TV Y series Models that include 32 inches and more 43 inches The model was introduced. 40 inches Size OnePlus Y1 also in May this year Play It was done. Starting with the cheapest, the 32-inch model was launched at Rs 12,999. But it was earlier priced at Rs 16,499 and is now priced at Rs 18,999, which is 15 per cent higher than the previous increase and about 50 per cent higher than the launch price. The 43-inch model was launched at Rs 22,999. But it was priced at Rs 26,999 and is now priced at Rs 29,499. Similarly, the recently launched 40-inch TV model was priced at Rs 23,999. It is now priced at Rs 26,499. There has been a slight increase in the prices of these TVs.

OnePlus TV U1S The latest series includes three models – 50 inches, 55 inches And 65 inches Model. They were launched last month at Rs 39,999, Rs 47,999 and Rs 62,999 respectively. The three models are now listed at Rs 46,999, Rs 52,999 and Rs 68,999 respectively. The biggest change has been made in most of the prices including the 50 inch model priced at Rs 7,000. Is. The 65-inch model has been increased by Rs 6,000 and the 55-inch model by Rs 5,000. Gadgets 360 has contacted OnePlus to explain the price increase of its TV.

OnePlus is not the only manufacturer to increase the price of its TVs in the last few months. In late June, a Xiaomi spokesperson told Gadgets360 that the company had seen a decline in the supply chain over the previous year, resulting in a “steady rise in the price of parts used in smartphones, smart TVs and other electronics.” Moving towards. Then from July 1, the prices of Xiaomi and Redmi TV increased by 3-6 percent.

In February, Gadgets 360 reviewed market data and found that TV prices in India have risen by about 10 percent or more in segments and brands. Realme has increased prices by up to 15 per cent, while TCL India has increased the prices of its TVs by seven to eight per cent.


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